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Hey Copywriters,

My journey to earning a multi-six figure income as a copywriter wasn't easy, but looking back, I could have made it happen a whole lot faster (like 3 years faster) if I only knew then what I know now... 

Before I jump into the details, let me introduce myself.

I'm Adam Bensman, the 8-figure safeguarded secret “Ghost Writer” (working silently under NDA’s) who is responsible for driving record-breaking sales for premium-priced coaches, consultants, digital agencies, SaaS companies, marketing experts, NY Times best-selling authors, and leading financial experts.

And I started my "career" as a copywriter just like you probably did. I was chasing a better life. A life filled with balance and more time to spend doing what I love with the people I love. For me it's mountain biking, backpacking with my wife, hiking with my dogs, and traveling. 

It was after a series of tragedies that my wife and I sold our Madison, WI home, set out to really live life, bought an RV, and traveled the US for a year when I realized what I was passionate about - copywriting. It was sitting at my kitchen table in the RV where I said I wanted to write for a living and didn't even know you could get "paid" as a copywriter (silly, I know).

I fumbled my way to getting gigs on the side. I sold my first email writing project for a few hundred bucks. I didn't know how to get clients. I'd "bid" projects and end up way in over my head. Each project ended up being 2x more than what I expected, taking 3x longer, and taking 10x longer to collect final payments. 

Yeah, I was excited as hell to be copywriting and LOVED what I did. But when I looked at the time it took to find the client, talk on the phone, complete a proper discovery, bid the project, send the proposal, get a "yes," do the work, invoice, and chase the money to get paid... I asked myself, "Was this really worth $200?" 

(I'm sure you can relate.)

So I did what everyone would do. I upped my prices. Still, it didn't feel like enough. I still faced money challenges. I had my best month followed by my worst. 

Then I upped my prices again. That didn't work. 

I just ended up juggling too many clients, not the right clients, lots of small projects, and the occasional larger ("time-suck") projects.

I was consulting on how and why the project needed to go a certain way and wasn't being compensated for it (I didn't even know I should be charging for it or even how to start). 

I was feeling completely undervalued and underpaid

I knew that the reason my emails, sales pages, Facebook ads, webinars, and VSLs were successful was not just my copywriting, it was the approach I advised my clients to take. And until this moment, I never charged for it.

So I sat down, audited my client base, and realized that I was doing what everyone else does as a "freelancer." I also knew that what got me to this point was NOT the right approach to get me to the next level

I wanted to be earning $10,000 per month - consistently. Something had to change. All I had to do was figure out the path forward and execute. 

It came down to a few different options... 

Increase my prices? 

Only take on larger projects?

Focus my services in only a few key areas?

As I approached these changes, I knew one thing for sure. Bidding projects wasn't working. 

I was 100% fed up with finding the right clients... qualifying them... putting together a proposal... selling them... completing the writing project... going back and forth for revisions... and chasing the final payment just to do it all over again. 

We all know that client discovery and learning a new company (or brand) requires the SAME amount of work whether it’s a $200 or $20,000 project!

So I hit the drawing board to find a better way. 

A solution that would allow me to earn more money, work less, serve less clients, and provide a better experience for my clients - an experience that I too would enjoy :)

I set out to solve 3 key problems:

#1) Start attracting the RIGHT clients 

#2) Increase my earning potential 

#3) Get consistent, reliable income every month

I gave myself a "Copywriting Business Makeover" and completely overhauled my services, how they were packaged, and who I offered them to

I "fired" 70% of my clients. 

I repackaged my services and found the easiest (and non-salesy) way to communicate my new offering to existing clients (and new clients later), and within a few months I was earning $12,000 per month on average. 

It worked!!! 

Next, I turned my sights to a bigger goal. I wanted to hit $16,666 per month (the magic number to earn $200,000 per year). I did it. 

My goal increased to $20,000. I hit that too (within 3 months this time). My new goal was $25,000 per month (roughly where I'm at now). And now I'm chasing a HUGE goal of doing $40,000 per month. 

Listen, if you're thinking that I'm working my ass off with no life in order to hit these numbers, think again. 

I have strict client boundaries

I work with the right clients who I love. 

I workout 3-6x per week, I go mountain biking for 4-12 hours per week

I read every night. I meditate every morning. I travel

Life is balanced.

Yeah it gets hard at times, don't get me wrong. But I will tell you this. If I'm earning $25,000 per month, I'm OK with a few rough weeks out of the year. 

To date, I've been a guest on a few Podcasts (including The Copywriter Club), presented to a group of fellow copywriters on how I've had this success, and from those events I continue to receive emails and questions like... 

"I'm stuck at $4,000 - $8,000 per month, how do I get to the next level and start earning $10,000 per month and more?" 


"How do you choose the right niche?"


"How do you find the right clients without advertising?" (TEASER: The answer to this one is quite simple, and I share how in the Training.)


"How do you get paid your rates when everyone I talk to compares my rates to other copywriters?" (TEASER: I don't position myself as "only" a copywriter. More on this in the Training.)

"How do I finally start getting paid for the consulting I'm doing anyway? Should I fly clients out to me? Do I bill one time? Do I build it in?" 


"I heard that the only way to earn 6 (or multi 6) figures is by working with LARGE companies, royalties, or selling huge projects, is that right?"

The answer to all of these is way, way, way, way wickedly simpler than you're probably thinking. 

And the answer is what I'll be showing you in this FREE Video Training. 
For the first time ever, I'm "opening my books" to reveal every detail about how I went from... 

❌ Bidding projects and collecting 50% down and 50% upon completion...
❌ Struggling with inconsistent income and having a record month followed by the lowest income month ever...
❌ Feeling like I wasn't being paid what I was worth (and questioning my own self worth)
... to doing a complete "Copywriting Business Makeover" and earning an average of $24,756 per month in less than a year

In this brand new FREE Video Training, I'll be teaching you:
✅ My clear, easy-to-follow model that earns me consistent, recurring income every month
✅ How I package my writing and consulting services that allow me to command a premium for (and clients literally line up for)
✅ How you can start earning $10,000 per month, every single month, with as little as 3 clients

All it takes is a proven plan.

A proven model.

A clear strategy.

A simple billing structure.

A strong differentiator (so people don't group you into being "another copywriter")

A clear deliverable that brings tons of value to your clients.

And inside this FREE Video Training, I'll help you get started right away.

Now, you have a choice to make. You can...

#1) Keep doing what you're doing now (BUT you must know that your results will be exactly what they are right this minute).

#2) Follow the simple path of someone who has accomplished it before you.

And last thing.

If you think that all you need to do is up your rates and take on bigger projects, I challenge you to think again... I tried that. I got excited as hell selling $20,000 projects. 

But how many of those can you realistically find, sell, produce, and collect payment on within a year? 

With the model I'll be teaching you, you'll see firsthand how an average client pays me $36,000 - $72,000 per year

And one client has paid me $288,000 over the last 4 years.

Ready for your "Copywriting Business Makeover?"

Join me for my brand new, FREE Video Training where I reveal it all (and give you an unfiltered view into my raw financials).

See ya inside.

Cheers to the next 12 months of consistent, recurring income of $10,000 or more,

-Adam Bensman
Founder | Chief Copywriter and Consultant
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